8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge at Sampa Fitness

8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge at Sampa Fitness

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The 8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge is a well-known group training program. It is a complete workout created to transform your mind, body & life. It’s with the help of stretching, cardio, & muscular endurance training. It can help you drop fat, improve endurance & strength & boost your functional fitness. We are very excited as well to announce our upcoming 8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge.

Our previous 8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge had a great hit. We have started it on January 16 with over 60 people. They were all tired of doing & implementing many methods to lose weight & body fat. But with our 8 weeks boot camp challenge & our awesome trainers, they have built a better & healthier version of themselves. This training program is too quicker than they could imagine. In addition, we also offered them kickboxing classes, strength conditioning class, TRX classes, Kettlebell classes and circuit classes in our 8 weeks challenge.

Our 8 Week Boot Camp Challenge was a completely fun program in which people enjoyed losing weight & burning calories. People find & make new friends that inspire them while toning & shaping up their body. We were very happy that over 80% of people completed their boot camp.

After the completion of 8 weeks challenge, we announce the 3 winners among the 60 who lose more weight, lose more inches & lose more body fat percentage. First, we presented the 6 months free training to our 1st winner. We also gave 3 months free training to the 2nd winner. And lastly, 1 month free training to the 3rd winner.

To give the certificate to those who have completed their boot camp successfully & present the winners, we held a party on March 112017. At the graduating party, we gave our first TRX class to the participants and to the beta group as well. After the class, we celebrated the party with food & drinks that people have brought. Then we hang out, we talk about the best of 8 weeks challenge & how hard was the training. After that, we present the certificate to those who finished their 8 weeks challenge successfully.

8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge is really a great way to help you start losing fat & increasing your functional strength. If you are looking to get fit & healthy at the same time as having fun, then our 8 Weeks Boot Camp Challenge is perfect for you. It is going to start on March 27 at our Sampa Fitness classes. We are also looking for new people to come & try out our Boot Camp Challenge to get great results.

Make this the start of your journey to lose more weight & more body fat & start changing your life for better. Anyone who wants to take our 8 Week Boot Camp Challenge to change their lifestyle, their health & their mental health, can call us 626-335-4971 or look up in SampaFitness.com.


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