Sake Marinated Steak

What’s better than a salt n’ pepper grilled steak? A Sake Marinated Grilled Steak! The complex flavors contributed by this Sake Marinade combine to create a steak experience that you’ll want to repeat. Sake flavored marinades often go hand-in-hand with… Continue Reading

Italian Pasta Salad

You’ve let yourself go It happens to the best of us. That moment when you realise that you’ve let yourself go, and you need to get back on track. It may happen when you’re looking in the mirror or when… Continue Reading

Re-framing traumatic experiences

surfer punched a shark

Re-framing traumatic experiences Article wrote by: Team Tony Robbins When professional surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark in South Africa on live television in 2016, getting back in the water was the last thing on his mind. “I’m… Continue Reading

4 healing super foods

maca root

4 healing super foods   Article wrote by: Team Tony Robbins Have you ever been watching television and the commercials that air are filled with advertisements for prescription drugs? High cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis – it seems that every… Continue Reading

Sampa Fitness Boot camp and Martial Arts September Events

This September we are full of events coming back from a relatively slow summer 1. Our first event was the No gi in-house Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition that just happened the past weekend, September 2nd. 2. September 16th we will… Continue Reading

Strengthen your whole body with TRX Training Classes!

Strengthen your whole body with TRX Training Classes! The word TRX stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise. It’s a whole-body strength exercise that uses an individual’s own body weight in place of dumbbells or machines. TRX suspension training refers to a… Continue Reading