Q: How many times per week can I train?

A: You can come as many times you can possibly make it. Two times per week? Two times per day? Everyday? It depends on you. Obviously you should ask your coach about it during the first interview and assessment. The more you come the easier to have better results. But obviously if you are too out of shape best result will be being able to have an exercise routine. This way your starting point will be way different after completing the six week boot camp.

Q: Do you guys provide nutrition information?

A: Yes we provide a basic 1300 and or 1900 calorie meal plan. We also can get you in touch with a certified nutritionist. Massive action will lead you to your goals faster.

Q: How long are the classes?

A: Classes can last 30 minutes to one hour but most of the times classes are 45 minutes in length.

Q: What are the times for the classes?

A: We have many classes throughout the day please check here: http://glendorabodyweightfitness.com/class-schedule/

Q: What is the cost for the 6 weeks Bootcamp?

A: Prices may vary accordingly to the season $97 to $297. Please call 626-335-4971 for price confirmation.

Q: What is in the assessments?

A: We will take measurements of your weight and body fat as well do three strength tests in the beginning of the bootcamp period. The results are compared to the same assessment done after six weeks.

Q: Can I pay as I come/per class?

A: Unfortunately not. As a business we need to keep our doors open. We are looking for students/customers that understand this and support us. To keep the doors open we have to keep agreements for rent, energy, insurance, phone etc. We need committed students because also only committed people will have results.

Q: Do you offer a family discount?

A: Yes, we have a great family discount. When two people from the directly family pay, all the others in the family (parents and siblings) don’t pay, as long as they are in the basic program.

Q: Is it like a CrossFit?

A: No, we are not like CrossFit although CrossFit is a great form of workout we found out that we want to cater to a older crowd that needs help with their beginner level.

Q: How the classes are like?

A: We have days that we work in strength where you will lift weights and of course learn the motions properly. Other days will be circuit training – a fast and fun paced workout.

Q: What is the difference between your Bootcamp and a gym?

A: At a gym you only rent their space and machines to workout. If you need a coach you must pay for it privately. Here we have coaches that will lead the group workout. Also the workout design is very important and very underrated. You do need an expert to design your workout for optimum results. Unfortunately people believe that they can do it on their own and that is why they fail.

Q: Do I need to get in shape before I start?

A: No, you get in shape training here. This is a horrible myth that people to this day still believe. This belief helps people to procrastinate on their actions.

Q: Do you have a child care?

A: No, although we have a Rec room for the kids to play we do not have a person designated to watch them whilst you train. So we highly recommend to only bring children that can behave well. Age recommended 6 years old and up.

Q: How many 6 weeks Bootcamp can I participate?

A: You can participate in as many as you want but only once you will be able to get the discounted price, all the other times you must pay regular price or take the decision of becoming a regular student. We want to give the discounted price opportunity to as much people as possible so if you already have taken yours please allow us to offer it to others.

Q: How old do you have to be to join the Bootcamp?

A: We recommend 15 years old and up.


Our Glendora Bodyweight Fitness programs are designed for everyone from beginners to individuals with advanced fitness. And because the moves are simple, you don’t need to be especially well coordinated. Just give it a go! Remember, everyone has to start somewhere!


Believe it or not, exercise can be addictive, but don’t overdo it. Set personal fitness goals, and once you reach them, set the bar higher!

But we recommend to start at 2-3 per week and evolve to 3-4 and 4-5 accordingly with your fitness level and your work schedule.

The most important aspect of any exercise regimen is consistency. Glendora Bodyweight Fitness offers Group Circuit Classes that combine bodyweight movements, cardio, aerobic, anaerobic exercises and body combat exercises to ensure all parts of the body are worked.


These body weight group exercise classes are designed as a non-contact fitness program, not a self-defence course. However fitness is beneficial in any situation. Glendora Bodyweight Fitness does offer specific programs for self-defense. Call (626) 335-4971 or ask your instructor for more information about these classes.


  • Comfortable workout clothes.What to bring
  • Gym shoes. Most of the time you will be barefooted but for outdoor training, we recommend cross-trainers over running shoes. They’ll give you better foot support for the types of movement you’ll be doing in class.
  • Water bottle.
  • Towel.