Glendora Health Expo

The Glendora Health Expo- A Gateway to a Woman’s Health and Well-being

A wellness and heath expo must cater to helping women of all ages achieve better physical, social and spiritual health by building their inner confidence and promoting healthy lifestyle practices. The Glendora health expo will feature a lot of industry experts that will present to the audience health and wellness presentations, screenings as well as giveaways. The keynote speakers of the conference will talk to the audience and address their queries on physical exercise, increasing self-esteem, body imaging and growing old gracefully which is also the motto of the Glendora chamber of commerce whose mission is to connect and grow with its audience.

The health expo promises to have prominent speakers from the health and wellness industry who will address the audience and empower them to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of the topics that will be addressed.

Enhance health and well-being

One of the speakers, Kaitlyn Adams, has a rich experience on women’s health and wellness. She also helps women in making the right lifestyle choices. She will talk about food and how it directly impacts our health and how to manage stress in our busy schedules. She feels that an individual’s purpose in life influences his behavior and goals, which has a direct impact on well-being. She will also help the women in the audience to participate in social forums as she believes society and individuals are interconnected which is intricately linked to one’s well being.

Empowering families

Miki carpenter will tell the audience about how to be strong independent citizens. She is an expert on family issues and counsels families to come together to make collective decisions. Families with children need to talk and make choices in their familial life and she will address queries in the expo on how to build families with responsibility.

Food and Nutrition

Gina Chrome will address on lifestyle management solutions and she personally enjoys consulting on individual and corporate health. Women need energy and constant consumption of nutritious fluids to keep them going in their busy schedule. She will speak on the best ways to stay hydrated as well as energy drinks that are easy and healthy.

Glendora Body weight fitness was there to support the event.

Many Women Glendora residents were there and visited our booth and won FREE passes to our Sampa 6 week boot camp membership programs.

By incorporating key speakers and fitness boot camps, the Glendora health expo is truly a treat for every woman who is committed to making a lifelong improvement in her own life as well as her family’s health and well-being.

Renato Migliaccio

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