Kickboxing Works

Now YOU Can Get In Amazing Shape, Lose Weight, And Be One BAAAD Kickboxer

Are you looking for a workout that isn’t boring? Tired of gyms and home exercise that puts you to sleep?

Introducing KICKBOXING WORKS – the Fitness Kickboxing Workout that is loads of fun and is changing lives. And it’s open to everyone rearguards of experience.

Here in Glendora we’ve been teaching Kickboxing for years – everyone from little kids to adults on up. We noticed a lot of people came here just for the intense workout.

So now we’ve created the Ultimate Kickboxing Workout that is making headlines in the fitness community. This extreme workout is based on the way professional competition kickboxers train, but it’s 100% safe for people who just want a good workout.

Here’s how it works:

1) We start with a brisk 10 minutes warm up that gets your blood pumping and your muscles ready for action. Here we use exercise techniques related to kickboxing followed by a quick rest.

2) Next we drive headlong into an intense 25-35 minute Bag workout that is the heart of our program. With the help of kickboxing experts you perform given combinations using bags while rotating through the stations.

This is a fast paced workout that mixes kickboxing with body weight exercises. Each day these body weight exercises are focused in one part of your body. That one part gets the attention it needs, then we move on to another body part the next day.

People LOVE It!

Kickboxing Works is nothing short of amazing. People are loving it. They’re burning calories and losing weight and inches. You can perfect your health while getting your sexy figure in the best shape ever.

This is the thorough professional workout you need to see real results. Your cardio gets stronger and your wellness is bound to strengthen.

Add to that you’re going to pick up some very fine kickboxing skills. Nobody is going to mess with you!

It’s time to reserve your place in our next Kickboxing Works sessions. You’ll appreciate our convenient times and affordable prices.

Don’t put this off! Get started NOW.

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