Sampa Fitness Boot camp and Martial Arts September Events

This September we are full of events coming back from a relatively slow summer
1. Our first event was the No gi in-house Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition that just happened the past weekend, September 2nd.

2. September 16th we will have two events first one will be women only self-defense which will happen from 9 AM to 12 PM the second one is the Knife defense seminar by Angelo Collado and will happen at 1 PM.


3. Krav Maga Program starts September 18th – 4 weeks trial for only $99, let your friends know. It is a great self defense system for beginners as well a great workout. This is a mainly an adult program!

4. On September 19th we will have a seminar with a very accomplished bjj competitor, teaching jiu jitsu techniques that work well in competitions his name is Hiago George a rooster weight and indeed a very technical fighter, he is a Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Champion and European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion IBJJF. A great person to learn from.

5. On September 22nd will have the parents night out – Sampa Olympics. The kids will have a chance to participate in 3 to 4 types of sports or modalities like: judo, jiu jitsu, wrestling and obstacle course they will receive a medal for each competition they can go home with 4 medals. We will provide pizza and refreshments they will have a blast on top of much competition experience.

6. On September 23rd will have our first beach training will meet at Sampa very early in the morning around 5:30 am then we will head to Corona Del Mar for our beach training. We are going to run, exercise in the sand, it will be very similar to some sort of military workout.
We are trying to get all the fitness and martial arts students to participate so we can change a little beat our training routine making it fun and hard at the same time.
I guarantee that you will be a different person after this training.

7. On September 29th will have the teen’s night so all the teams from our school will come they can bring friends for this non martial arts related event.
they will come with regular street clothes. Teens will hang out in a safe environment listen to their music and play whatever games or computer they want as well movies. We will provide pizza and refreshments, we watch them to keep it respectful and appropriate to their age.
but mainly we are trying to provide a time for themselves to talk with people of their age in a safe environment.

8. On September 30th will have our graduation party and right after the back to Sampa jiu jitsu party where kids can bring all their friends to play with some water slides and other games.


9. Instructors Course coming up, in this course all the coaches will be learning from Prof. Renato and Prof. Nathan, it is mandatory to all coaches at Sampa jiu jitsu and martial arts but students can also apply. Ask for your application Form at the front desk. Classes will be every Thursday night at 9 pm starting September 14th.


10. To finish our events we will give to all the kids the chance to win 2 bjj stripes, they will have to read this amazing book that talks about hard work and after reading it they will have to be tested and if they pass they can get up to two stripes in their jiu jitsu – martial arts belts!


Best Regards.

Prof. Renato

Renato Migliaccio

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