Sampa Mixed Martial Arts January Newsletter

Sampa Mixed Martial Arts January Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

Sampa Mixed Martial Arts January Newsletter:

  • First of all, Sampa BJJ Academy partnered with Soles4Souls again to provide winter coats to people in need throughout the United States. Let’s do our part by checking in for a cause every month!
  • Meet Prof. Renato and Coach Martin with our new Instructors and assistant Instructors at Sampa BJJ Academy!
  • Kangeiko is a widespread practice within the martial arts world and it is originally meant as a time for testing one’s resistance and discipline as well as a cleansing procedure for one’s spirit. The Kangeiko Winter Training for Kids was held on our Sampa’s new location on the last weekend of January. The kids had a great time. The main goal of this training is not only perfect the techniques but Mental Toughness.
  • Congrats Little Zoe winning the matches in her first tournament at Tap Cancer Out Tournament. She was able to raise $700 for the battle against Cancer! Also, congrats to the dedicated parents of her!
  • Congratulations as well to Prof. Nathan in becoming a very fine and renown referee!
  • Kangeiko Winter Training for Adults at the new Sampa BJJ location.  It was a one week of intense BJJ training early in the morning.

Renato Migliaccio

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