Sampa Mother’s Day – Kids Workout with Moms

At Sampa Fitness or Glendora Body weight Fitness, we are always looking to find new ways to engage moms and their kids. Most recently, on May 9th, we had a ‘Moms and Kids’ Workout class event. At this event, we had kids bring along their moms and participate in a Fitness boot camp session.Captura-de-tela-2015-06-11-08.44.30

Our idea behind this event was a simple one. We know that kids gain a lot from our fitness boot camp classes. Their parents trust us to give their kids the necessary fitness class. During one of our Friday classes, we had this fun little idea that parents should know what they are kids are learning. Sure, many parents do stay for a few minutes after dropping off their kids. However, they don’t really get to see their kids in action.

That is when we came up with the ‘Mothers and Kids for Fitness’ event. We will ask our kids to bring along their moms for a full session. Here, not only will the kids go through their usual defense class, their moms can also take part. This way, the kids are learning and the moms also get to learn some agility and coordination techniques.

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The event itself was a grand success with almost every kid in our Fitness Boot camp class along their moms. Once everybody was here, we started by teaching the basic agility and coordination skills to moms. Many of them picked up the basics very quickly. Those who had difficulty, we spent additional time with them. Eventually, we were able to get everybody on board with the basics.

While we were busy with the moms, the kids were watching their moms, feeling very proud. Of course, all the students knew about the basics. While we were guiding the moms, some kids took it upon themselves to teach their own moms about the basics. They made corrections while their moms carried out the movements. Overall, it was a happy moment because it is not every day that young kids get to teach their own mom’s something new.

While working out, there will be always be pairs of two. Moms and kids working together like a strong team. When they go outside, no one can touch them for they are both skilled and fit.


If this sounds like something that you as a parent would benefit, why not give us a call at 626-335-4971. We have classes for kids and also for adults and we teach fitness bootcamp classes as well as fitness kickboxing classes. More information is available at our website

Renato Migliaccio