Strengthen your whole body with TRX Training Classes!

Strengthen your whole body with TRX Training Classes!


The word TRX stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise. It’s a whole-body strength exercise that uses an individual’s own body weight in place of dumbbells or machines. TRX suspension training refers to a method of strength training that let people sweat against their own body weight. This training utilizes a system of webbing & ropes known as a “suspension trainer”. These suspension straps are used for a countless number of exercises that can help to improve flexibility, balance & strength.

It is good for powerlifters, fitness newbie & endurance athletes & alike. The TRX exercise is effective & safe even for individual who are on different levels of fitness. As compared to a simple version of antigravity yoga or reformer Pilates, the TRX provides a total-body workout that relies on your body weight & is centered on your core.

At our fitness classes, we are soon going to start providing TRX Training to our students. It will be part of our fitness boot camp program. Two of our own coaches Renato & Julie just got certified into the TRX suspension training last 3/5/17.


Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for both fitness junkies & beginners to understand how TRX exercise should be done, how to adjust the lace of the strap for each exercise & what should be the focus of each exercise & many exercises that can be done lots for the core & there is a lot more.

In our TRX fitness classes, we are offering you a range of intense moves that will work on the shoulder, back, abdominal muscles, chest & leg muscles. In short, TRX will constantly work on your whole body.

Also, we will work on the 7 most important exercise movements in TRX. These includes squat, lunge, push, pull, plank, rotate, and hinge. With these basic TRX exercises & movements, it is possible to work out on all the body muscles & considerably increasing your physical fitness. As a result, these highly integrated movements will strengthen your entire body in numerous planes of movement.

So, come and try our TRX training classes and improve your flexibility, balance & strength by enjoying it at the same time.

We also offer the following classes:

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  • Boot Camp Classes
  • Circuit Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • TRX Training

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