Tough mudder – Los Angeles March 2017

Originally, we were strictly a martial arts school, offering classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

We then began a fitness class for the moms of our kids, also known as our fitness boot camp.

When our boot camp got very popular and started to attract people from outside the martial arts world, we realized that we had to officially start a separate side of Sampa to continue to provide fitness classes to the community.

Now, we have a huge fitness group and we have helped many people lose weight, reach healthier lifestyles, and move up in their fitness levels and fitness ranks at Sampa.

We focus on training as a community and family who respect and support each other; each person trains with respect for themselves, their trainee, and co-partners.mud run finish

Often, we engage in team events such as local mud runs. Previously, we’ve done the Gladiator Challenge, and on March 25th 2017  our Sampa family participated in our third mud run, “Tough Mudder”.

About 17 of us had joined the Sampa Mudders team for 3/25/17.  Every Saturday previously to that, we train in preparation for this event. We run, jog, and practice obstacle courses. We even incorporate in parkour equipment into our training.

We were all looking forward to conquering the Tough Mudder run together as a family, we helped each other in each obstacle and we ran together as a team even the most prepared one stayed together so we all finished it as a Team.  After the event, we had time to bond with each other by having lunch together and sharing a beer that the event gives to us to celebrate our Sampa family’s victories.

mud run preparation

If you are interested in joining our Sampa family by registering for our boot camp and fitness program, please call (626)335-4971 or visit us at!

Events that we will participate this year: Disney half Marathon, Glendora Fit for fall and Mud Run Lake Elsinore.


Renato Migliaccio

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