Weight Lifting Techniques

The fitness program is designed to improve students’ abilities, skills, strength and coordination and we are constantly looking for new things that to make the students motivated and better.
Presently, Professor Renato is having 3 to 4 hours, every month, seminar with the most knowledgeable man on Olympic Weight Lifting in USA, Bob Takano.


The program will help the students to learn the fundamentals in weight lifting.
They also teach the students about the proper techniques in weight lifting to ensure the safety and prevent potential injury.
Here are some of the techniques that ensure safety while lifting:
1.       Proper Movement/Form – Back injuries are the common result of improper movement or form. This is one of the common concerns of Professor Renato in which he teach the students about proper movement. It is important to observe proper movement to avoid hurting yourself. Proper form is necessary in picking up and replacing the weights. It is also important to observe the right bottom position in lifting and putting down the weights.

2.       Pulling from the Hang – Weight lifting involves pulling the hang. Appropriate preparation is necessary to ensure that you will do the pull properly. Professor Renato will teach the students about the right way of pulling the hang. He will also teach about the proper execution to avoid mistakes that may lead to injury.
Aside from weight lifting, Sampa Martial arts in Glendora also offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
This is one of the popular martial arts that have been practicing by most people throughout the world. Being a fitness guru, Professor Renato has been coaching individuals, athletes and other martial arts professionals.

If you notice an inclination in martial arts/ jiu jitsu and other activities, you should consider enrolling yourself at Martial Arts Glendora.
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Renato Migliaccio