A Women Self defense course is the best thing you can gift yourself. Here’s why!

The changing times require women to be more confident, fit and disciplined. They also call on us to become more independent and to be able to take care of ourselves and our safety. This is especially true when it comes to women. The world becomes a scarier place every day and women are, more often than rare, the victims.

So what do you do when you can’t walk on the road without the fear of being molested, raped, robbed or kidnapped? You take a self defense course! Once that’s done you’ll never be the same. Read on to find out how.

How a women only self defense course can change your life

“The worst fear is fear itself.” The mental, emotional and physical well being of any person is interconnected and interdependent. One can say that they are the three pillars of a person. The most important thing for these pillars is a strong foundation which can be laid by a self defense course.

On our course we cover many times how to be prepared way before the attacker, how to do not be a unsuspected victim or an easy target…That alone is the best to learn and be aware of and it can save your life.

The best thing about such a course is that it helps you confront your fear. This confrontation is followed by an increase in confidence and vitality. You also learn to become more independent which helps you to realize great self esteem and exercise self respect. The course will also allow you to be in better shape, achieve great levels of fitness and improve your body balance.

Where can you find such a course?

Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy! It is a well renowned institute known for imparting courage, strength and discipline to its students through physical training. The academy is all set to offer a 10 week ‘self defense course,’ especially for women. The objective of the course is to train women and acquaint them with basic self defense skills.

Wait a second. Can’t I just carry a pepper spray?”

As simple as it sounds, that plan can easily backfire. Yes, of course in movies when the bad guy attacks the beautiful actress she just sprays him and runs, but in reality the bad guy can actually snatch your spray from you and use it against you. The same holds true for a weapon. For a second let’s be optimistic and say that won’t happen. What happens if he attacks from the back? What happens if you are so petrified when he shows up that you can’t even move?

When the bad guy comes you need to be prepared, emotionally, mentally and physically! The one sure shot solution then is taking the course.

What you can expect from this course

The course will train you to be aware of your surroundings and achieve a state of total awareness. It covers different scenarios so you’re well prepared when any situation pops up. You will learn how to respond to situations before the altercation and how to respond to attacks from the back, front, bottom and top. It will also help build your stamina and endurance so that you don’t exhaust yourself too quickly.

Gear up for this course and feel empowered like never before!!

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Renato Migliaccio